Friday, October 1

Welcome to Frugal Fridays week #22

This week is going to be short and sweet and one picture of my scrapbook room & just some good ole' advice when scrapbooking or doing any kind of craft /project. Each time I start a new project I begin with a clean slate- or a cleaned table space that is. Then when I'm done with each page or project I put everything back in its place-tools, inks, flowers, papers- you name it -so then I  have a clear space/ head to start my next layout/project without  all the clutter of the last one around me. Organization is half the battle- so they say and I believe in that motto. You might think I spend too much time cleaning-but in the long run I finish more projects this way and so will you. Some of you who don't have a craft area and use your family space have to do this all the time and this is time consuming- but for those who have the space should keep it organized so it doesn't get out of control. A clean and organized space is a HAPPY place to be. So have fun scrapping and you might want to take a look at my scrapbook room I have a few  pictures. Just go to my side bar under pages and then see my Scrapbook room and click on that. 
  Also my next post will be my New Blog Candy giveaway so be sure to check that out also ---So stay clean and be Happy.

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