Handmade Items that I have for You

Here are a few items that I have available for you if you are interested. Just send me an email at  - ( type in subject)
interested in handmade items
The handmade crocheted doily flowers come in a variety of colors as seen on the left and I have packaged them with two color combos, all white and a variety pkg. to choose from.

In each color combo package ( you choose 2 colors) you will receive 2 lace trims ranging from 6" to 12" in length, 2 large (2 1/2 - 3")  4 medium  (1 1/2 - 2") and  6 small  ( 3/4 - 1")  flower doilies. A total of 14 pieces

 In the all white package there is 15 total pieces (with an extra large doily flower)

The variety package contains 18 misc pieces in a variety of colors and sizes- but no trim/lace is included in this package
The colors to choose from are the following-pick any two for a combo package.

Bright pink - peach
Dk Blue -Turquoise
Lt. Pink - Red
Yellow - Cream
 moss green ( not pictured yet)
mint green (not pictured yet)
lavendar/plum ( not pictured yet)


  The prices for these crocheted flower doilies are the following:

Each combo package set is $13.00 plus S/H of  $1.50 a total of $14.50, which I  will mail to you once we confirm the order by email and you can send a check/money order to my home address. I am still trying to figure out a way to do a Pay Pal or put these on another website, but until then you can contact me by email (above).

Be sure to order now till end of JULYto get the special deal -see below

 If you would like to order a 50 piece variety Pack , which would include in a variety of  8 colors:
 9 lace/trims
 9 large flowers
 32 medium and small flowers

for the special price of $42.00 plus $2.00 S/H= $44.00
a savings of about $8.00.
Be sure to see the specials I have on pricing this summer

(will be adding more colors in the future-so might be included in the variety pack-if ordered)

I will have them package to look like this when they arrive...If you order 2 packages it is the same price for 1 in S/H so 2 packages for $26.00 plus $1.50.

I having a special starting today  till the end of JULY 2012...
Take $3.00 off each pkg ordered and
 $10.00 off large 50 pc variety set

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