My Scrapbook room- updated 7/10/13

Debbie's Scrappin Corner.....Crafty Gizmo's by D.B.

This is just one of many pictures of my Scrapping area that I have in my Antioch, Illinois home. I redid most of the lower level of my home to accomodate 8 scrapbooking/crafty friends on any given day. This picture is taken from the large room for my friends looking into my main craft area where most of my supplies are and my table space in the center of this room which is 15 x 14.  A few of my birdhouses that I painted are scattered thoughout the room on shelves and hanging from the ceiling. To the left of the main double wide door (French doors- I love these) I have a white cabinet filled with all kinds of projects other than scrapbooking to work on- so much to do and so little time! On the shelves beside the cabinet is where I keep all the scrapbooks that I'm working on and a few finished ones on bottom. I also have another ribbon rack filled and have lots of embellishments hanging by hooks with another cork board behind them.

This is taken in my main craft room- 12' counter space with all kinds of cabinets. In the far left corner I have my Expressions and my Gypsy along with 45 cartridges (and adding more as we speak).I love the glass cabinet doors-I can see everything that I have- so no guessing where anything is. I store all my card/supplies-jewelry/beads-all my photos to work on-some painting supplies-snack section (a must have so I don't have to go upstairs) my cuttlebug-glass mats and all my INKS which I have found these storage pieces at garage sales. In the drawers I have all my larger tools-crimper,circle cutter, large templates, trimmers,embossing gun/powders, all my punches/decorative scissors, cross stitch threads/aida cloth-extra scrapbook albums/page inserts-lightbox-heat guns-etc. The 2- 12 x 12 rolling carts underneath the counter are filled with all my embellishments. And of course, a tv to keep up with a few of my shows like HGTV.

This is another corner of my main room with all kinds of supplies for scrapping-hanging on back of door is my ribbon holder (repurposed shoe rack).The upper cabinet is filled with all chipboard - misc fibers/ threads-and embellies that I have accumulated and can't throw away, and of course my main glue that I use is YES paste- I always have a few jars- never want to run out of this! I purchased the 4 drawer with 6 shelves just about two months ago- so I had to reorganize my whole craft room to get everything to fit- so I use this to put all the new specialty papers that I have bought and the drawers I have more papers and embellishments. I also redid a spice rack that my son found at college and painted the jar lid - colors of the buttons that I now have in them- love this frugal find. And the other metal 8 drawer cart on wheels is for all my small tools, glitters, felt, dollies and misc tapes, pop dots and all those goodies -one needs at hand.
On the other wall I have a nice huge window looking into my back yard with lots of natural light. But this is my  PAPER area. The 2 black storage units are filled with paper stacks and storage units filled with scraps which are coded by color. The  12 x 12 box is filled with themed papers- Christmas, Fall, other holidays and then there are the 2 large containers in the middle just filled with speciality papers which are also catagorized. as you can see I have an ADDICTION to PAPER!!
The 4 drawer white Jet Max-the 2 spa blue cabinets and the 3 tier white storage containers are ALL filled with my stamps- which I have categorized them- well over 3000 of them .
 The other 3 drawer with filing system Jet Max is filled with all my mists-sprays and on top is all my 8 x 11 cardstock papers- WAY to much PAPER....I could fill a room with paper alone (be careful of what you wish
Below, is the view looking out of the main room into the center area (15 x 20) where other scrappers would be able to seat/ or I use it also for staging my layouts of other projects I might be working on. I hung a large light about 2 years ago above the tables (not on in pic)- what a life saver on the eyes this was. And you can see some of my birdhouses hanging and also my 2 eskies helping me out. On the other side of the main door I have a rack which is where I store all my flowers in many many decorative jars that I pick up at garage sales. Across the room is a door into another large 13 x 13 room( which I was renting out- but not at this time) so I have set up another two tables in that room temporarily. Hanging to the right of the door is my magnetic bullentin board (that my Uncle made for me years ago from sheet metal), where I display all kinds of info or calendars of upcoming events.
and of course- one needs to be comfortable while scrapping- so I have my leather chair with back massager-too!
Here is a project I worked on last summer-refurbishing a 2 piece hutch which I picked up at a garage sale for 20 bucks. I went to Menards and bought some oops paint- $5 in a pinky-purple which goes well in my craft area and took off the doors and two bottom shelves and now I store lots of goodies that I have already made or bought to sell. Also keep the last years worth of scrapping/craft magazines here. In the drawers and bottom half I store lots of misc. items that are too big for the other room and all my table covers for working with sprays and etc.
Just to the left of hutch I have all my cards that I have made on display to sell or use myself- and yes they are all in boxes or racks- categorized. All my other magazines and books are below in the bookcase. I have a rolling cart that moves wherever I want to work on my current pages. Currently, I am working on an Alaskan Cruise for a friend and almost finished with all 83 pages. Not in the picture but to the left-there is a large 9' sliding door which leads out to my lower deck- so all these pics were taken with the natural light from outdoors.
This area is a work in progress- I need to find me a sewing table- so until I do- this make shift crate and lumber will have to do. Just, noticed pic is kinda blurry- will have to take another one soon. But on this wall I have my handy acrylic paint holder- which I bought about 15 years ago and still love it... I have a few new Thirty-one bags and storage pieces, which I use when I go to retreats to carry my supplies and Cricut Expression in. The black cabinet holds all my pages done that need to be put into the correct scrapbooks and the bottom shelf is for all my future scrapbooks to be filled with wonderful layouts for either my 4 children , myself and a book of my dogs (Jenna & Izzy) and Now that I'm a Grandma (how exciting this is) I will be very busy scrapping a few more books! And the shelf above is where I hang all the cute little paper projects that I have made in the past.
Another-view of the scrapping area kinda looking into my main room -another cabinet filled with
more STUFF- where does it all come from?  lol 
    Since my divorce (in January 2012) I have been redecorating the whole house- which is huge and I'm here by myself- empty nest. Most of the time, I love it.... I can do what I want , when I want and How I want...what could be better than this!!! But, it does get lonely sometimes.. I wont lie. But, this is a new chapter in my life and I am doing what I love- crafts and scrapbooking...oh yeah- I love to organize- can you  and I found a picture of the backyard and deck-sometimes its so nice to take a break and relax out here-especially during the summer and fall months.
      The next few pictures are kinda boring, but it is part of the scrapbooking area( off the 13 x 13 spareroom/ bedroom) that is a nice convienence when needed -The Bathroom. Yes- that is a Bidet!
And this little area that I took a picture of is the hallway off the stairs into my scrapbook area that is filled with other crafts that I have on display for sale- that I have made in the past and present. Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at my scrapbook room- I have spend many hours cleaning-organizing and reorganizing this space to get it the way I want it. And now I spend alot of time done here ( I forgot how to cook and clean the rest of the house-lol) and I hope you might want to join me and do what you love to do SCRAP!!! Again- thanks for taking the time to look at all these pictures- I would love to hear some comments if you would like to leave them. 
You don't have to look at this next picture but-Just for kicks I thought I'd leave you with one more awful picture-(the before) craft room 5 years ago when I just started to scrapbook and all my new supplies for this wonderful addicting habit took over- and something had to be done-because I was getting lost in this room. When I look at this I am so blessed to have a lovely home and a wonderful family- which gives me so much inspiration when I am scrapbooking-all the wonderful memories and great times I have had-and will continue to make great memories in the years to come!
OOPPPS--- where did it go? it was here a minute ago- oh well it was a pretty scary sight- I'm sure you can imagine it before- if I find it I will put it back up.
                                                Happy Scrappin!!!       Debbie