Tuesday, April 30

Baby shower projects

Well, I have been really really busy with this baby shower I'm hosting in June for my daughter- I want to make everything-So everyday I'm in my craftroom working on something and here are a few of the finished projects I have done so far- but the list still goes on   lol

This is a shoe box filled with little note pads ( purse size with 24 pages in each) for all the guests in there goodie bags along with some cute and inexpensive bookmarks I made with paintchips and just stamped some designs on, hole punched and tied on a scrap piece of ribbon ( great way to use those scraps up)

 Then  made a sign for the front yard to display...Richards Baby Shower in yellow and green with a cute stork cut from Cricut cartridge( not sure which one tho) I think it was Lyrical Letters. I actually cut the words out on the 12 x 12 and then back it with yellow cardstock and the stork is cut out and attached to it.
 At the shower I though all the guest could write down there predictions of when and what- Boy or Girl?  on this calendar I made with her due date circled with a  heart. So they can write there names on their guess for the date in pink or blue...
Another poster like for the shower with some elephants that I bought from Archivers the other day- cut and stamp- so cute I have been using these elephants a lot on projects- more to come.
The scalloped punches with ribbon are to hang from the lights in the middle of my kitchen and dining room above the tables. Which I just found all kinds of baby related stamps in my huge collection and then colored them in and they are two sided -so when hanging it can be seen from all sides. I thought why spend lots of money in the stores for these same kind of items when I can make them so cheap and much cutier!

Monday, April 29

Baby shower invites..too cute!

OH BABY!!! I had so much fun designing and making all 76 of these invites for the baby shower I will be hosting in June for my daughter- who is having my first exciting!!!!
I used white cardstock and made my own pattern for the diaper- getting two diapers on one sheet of 8 x 11 -folded and inked the edges and tied a ribbon in the middle. Then punched the center scalloped circle and used a baby stamp and also inked all the edges- along with a little Your invited tag.

Then on kraft paper and using my computer and printer made the invite on both sides and cut to slide into the diaper. I hand stamped a design on top and bottom of invite  and of course stamped my name on the back of these cute invites to send out this week.
The color theme for the shower is greens and yellows because its a gender neutral -its a surprise till the due date in July.

Sunday, April 28

Bowling Banquet table settings

Since I am also so busy with bowling at this time of year. I was on a committee for our Hall of Fame Banquet which was held in the beginning of April. I thought some cute handmade table cards for each individual (80 guests)would be so nice and personal. I aslo made table number markers for 8- which I did not put the year on - so that way we could use them again next year and there after.
Again I used a lot of white and grey cardstock and made my own pattern for the bowling pin and colored in the red stripes..adding a large circle punch for the bowling ball - again these are also 2 sided. The individual cards to assign tables were made in groups- with the hall of famers name and pin and I wrote there accomplishments on the back.
During the banquet several guests made comments on these items and really appreciated the time and effort that went into making these- that made my day!

Saturday, April 27

Where does the time go?

I have been so busy with projects, bowling, getting ready for my daughters baby shower I'm hosting and just everyday stuff- a whole month has flown by since I last posted here...but I have visited many times to check in to see what's happening in the scrapping world.
     So I thought I would post a few of the projects I have been working on in the past month this coming up week. Some of them are not paper projects- but thought I would share anyways. Here is one that is not a paper project- but was fun doing- A painting project on two burlap panels for my family room.
 I purchased about 4 yds and cut to size I wanted then just grabbed some white acrylic paint and started to paint some branches- then realized it needed something else to found 3 greens that I liked and added little leaves all over. Sewed a small hem at top to insert a dowel rod to hang them by.

Which now I have on display on each side of my fireplace. I have a theme in my house of trees-leaves -etc. So this burlap has a very nice texture to it and earthy feeling. It took me about 4 hours to complete this project once I decided what I was going to paint on it.