Sunday, February 28

Was so busy scrappin on Saturday didn't get a chance to come on here and post anything. But I did get a few pages done, not as many as I would have like to but did 5 and 3 of them were for the L.I.D. challenge for the week and turned out pretty good, had to work with the pictures I have right now. Need to organize all my 2000 (year) pictures to start scrapping. But my son's girlfriend-Meghan came over yesterday and she just started to scrapbook and I helped her get 10 pages done on her trip to Mexico, she did a great job and they all turned out very nice. We have a new scrappper! Well I need to go downstairs and scrap at least 2 more pages for the month I would like to do more to be ahead of the game, since this week looks a little to busy for me to scrap- a bowling tournament, Fun night bowling, and 2 nites of leagues coming up in this week- next sunday I'll really be itching to scrap, lol.Well I got my 2 pages done tonight and did some more organizing out pics which took 3 hours, but I'm glad I got it done now I can scrap some more. Here are some pics of the LO for the challenge that I did yesterday. pages done 2010= 59

Saturday, February 27

It's finally on to scrappin

This has been a very long week at work...I didn't think Friday was ever gonna get here. So when I finished my last bus route I headed straight home and to the craft room. I did my first L.I.D. sketch challenge tonight and it was fun. I did 2 of the sketches and they turned out really nice. Then I took some more pics and posted them on in the layouts. Now I have to get to bed cause I have a few friends coming to the all day scrap tomarrow and have to be up early for that. I'm gonna enjoy this weekend in the scrap room and my goal is to do 10 pages, that should be easy to do, to keep me on track with my monthly/yearly goals of 1 page a day for 2010.

Sunday, February 21

Photos from debbiebakk@co... (26 photos), by debbie bakk

Here are some of the layouts I have done using my Expressions and Gypsy in the past few months...haven't learned how to post them yet. Im new to this computer technology stuff ,so bear with me.
Click here to view photos
Well here goes first blog. I was a bit disappointed today cause no one came to my All Day Scrap which I was really looking forward to, but I ended up scrapping all day by myself and accomplished alot. I did 10 pages toward my goal of 1 a day for the year, so I'm right on target with that for the month.
I have rearranged my whole lower level of my home to accommodate 8 other scrappers with table space and a chair...which I might add it is a really nice set up down there. And I told a few people about it and a few said they were interested in coming , but later changed their minds. They just don't know what there missing.
So next Saturday is another one of my All Day Scraps from 10am. - 10 pm. for a small fee of $20.00, which includes the space provided for each scrapper, the use of all my tools (to many to list) and my ideas and techniques, which I would love to share with others. I also will provide a few snacks and beverages. Lunch and dinner you can order from a local establishment or bring your own. What a deal this can't beat this value and enjoy the day with others scrappin...who could ask for more is what I'm thinking. Well thats my first blog.

My layout total for 2010 is: 49 goal for 2010 is 1 page a day 365
Layout total 2009: 263
Layout total for 2008: 393