Sunday, February 28

Was so busy scrappin on Saturday didn't get a chance to come on here and post anything. But I did get a few pages done, not as many as I would have like to but did 5 and 3 of them were for the L.I.D. challenge for the week and turned out pretty good, had to work with the pictures I have right now. Need to organize all my 2000 (year) pictures to start scrapping. But my son's girlfriend-Meghan came over yesterday and she just started to scrapbook and I helped her get 10 pages done on her trip to Mexico, she did a great job and they all turned out very nice. We have a new scrappper! Well I need to go downstairs and scrap at least 2 more pages for the month I would like to do more to be ahead of the game, since this week looks a little to busy for me to scrap- a bowling tournament, Fun night bowling, and 2 nites of leagues coming up in this week- next sunday I'll really be itching to scrap, lol.Well I got my 2 pages done tonight and did some more organizing out pics which took 3 hours, but I'm glad I got it done now I can scrap some more. Here are some pics of the LO for the challenge that I did yesterday. pages done 2010= 59

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