Thursday, March 4

Older Layouts I've done for daughter Linda

Here are a few layouts I have done in the past that I either like the technique or just over all look. I went  thru all 16 of my scrapbooks that I have completed so far and pick out a few to put here on my blog.

This first one is of my 2 daughters titled  baby sister I like how I did the title in this one and the colors. again not the greatest pictures but this was back in 1986..I didn't think I would be scrapbooking them in the future.

This  is a cute picture of the girls at bath time which they just loved and got along so well in the tub. I like how i matched the paper with the tub tile and used a vellum rub a dub dub.

This photo was so old and dark I had it copied and lighted up a bit to do, it was my first daughters big Boo Boo. Our cat jumped up onto the bed and accidently scratched her face and she till now (25 yrs old) has a little scar from it. But I had this stamp of a band-aid and thought this was appropriate for this page

I like this page cause of the color choices and the layout.I just used 2 different papers and used a circle punch to cut out the circles for the design layout and stripes of paper to write on.

This layout - I did for a mono-cromatic theme. So as you can see that would be blues. I again used chipboard for the circles over in a bubbly paper with glitter, different blue patterned paper for background and title letters for Kisses, and the tag. I also cut one picture in the shape of a fish. Since she is swimming with the dolphins and getting kisses from them while in Florida.

This layout I love the colors and the embellishmentsI used blues and browns for my color scheme since that is what she was wearing in the picture and used chipboard for the swirls and the letter F for freshman and added a glaze to them I then added a few silk flowers.

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