Friday, October 29

Welcome to Frugal Fridays #26

Wow time flies when your having fun...and I'm having a blast with all my scrapbooking and blogging and my Frugal Friday posts. This is my 26th post -so 1/2 of a year and I plan on doing 26 more- 1 years worth of  tips for saving time, money and especially all my organizational tips- I just love to organize. So this week I have for you....some cleaning TIPS!
    I saw this in a magazine a year or so ago and just remembered what  I read just the other day and thought I'd give it a try and BOY does it ever work. Mr Clean Magic Erase pads  are wonderful...As you can see in the picture I have cleaned half of the blocks on the left side and all of the stamp blocks on the right side with the erase pad on top right. They look brand new.  So ---why not clean some other tools! I wiped my scissors blades, my bone "for card making"  (who ever came up with that name for this spatula for my Expressions,  glass/ rubber cutting  mats, exacto knives and my table tops from all the inks and spray residue and it worked great...All you have to do is purchase a box , which contain 4 pads, and wet them a little and wipe/ clean then throw away. I would cut the pads in half  if you don't have much to clean up and save the other half for the next time.
  Another tool that I clean quite often are my cutting mats for my Expressions (Cricut). They seem to need more attention than any other tool I have (maybe its because I do alot of cutting) But I don't have to replace them to often -in fact I think in the past year these are number #3and#4 mats that I have used- not bad I'd say. So when I do clean them I scrap off as much as I can (tiny pieces of paper-lint etc), then I wipe and scrub them with non alcoholic baby wipes-which sometimes takes a bit of elbow grease to do-but worth it. I let them dry and replace the clean cover sheet over the top and hang in its place on the wall by my Expressions and is ready to work with for about another month. I find that if you use the whole 12 x 12 mat when cutiing it helps also- instead of always cutting in the top corner. If you have a Gypsy this is so easy to configure on the  screen. What I have done with my older mats is save them and use for table top covers when I spray inks or cut stuff or just to save the table top from messes-  I never throw anything away, I will find another use for it somewhere. Well I hope these tips help you out-I know the mat cleaning is something you probably have already seen somewhere else- but Mr Clean Magic Erasers is a must have in your craft room. Happy Scrapping!!! and Have a safe & fun Halloween!

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