Friday, October 8

Welcome to Frugal Friday week #23

I'm sure you're all familiar with these boxes--and boxes of photo's. Well three years ago when I first started scrapbooking I spent months organizing all my photo's before I even started to scrap them. I went thru all the old scrapbooks, photo albums and all those places I shoved pictures over the years and put them in seperate boxes for each of my children (4) plus a box or two for me. Then I organized each childs pictures into years taken- starting with the year that they were born (which I had to guess on a lot of them) which took me awhile to complete this task-but well worth it in the long run. You can find these boxes almost anywhere craft stores, Walmart, Dollar store for about $1.00-$3.00 each.
I am doing all my scrapbooking in a chronilogical order so I work one year at a time. So currently I'm on year 2002-so I just grab all the pictures from that year from each child's box and work with them until that year is finished. Some years I didn't take too many pictures or lost them over the years, or my children have taken them for themselves-oh well they won't get scrapped then. Every so often my kids will hand me some photos that they just happen to find and tell me that they want them scrapped too!  It's amazing how these photos that no one knew about- appear.  lol
Since 2007 -When I take photos I put them into folders on my computer and when I get a few free hours I will print them off and then catagorize them into these photo boxes shown above. I just love these. I found them on sale at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and even The Container Store for 1/2 price. Usually they are about $16.00 for the small case of 6 boxes or $32.00 for the large case of 12 individual boxes. So again use those coupons or wait for a good sale of 1/2 off.  I have already filled all the above boxes and need to get more. When not using them for photos they are great storage containers for other items also. I use the smaller case for when I go on my retreats to bring misc embellishments, flowers that I have made, ribbons, cut outs from my Expressions to be used on future pages that I have pre planned out. So here were some more of my organizing tips that I do -and they work pretty well for me, I hope they might help you also. Enjoy and have fun taking lots of photos.

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