Friday, October 15

Welcome to Frugal Fridays week #24

This week I thought I'd tell ya a little bit about how I remember all the challenges from week to week and what I used for supplies on each of my layouts. I'm not one to remember all the details of my pages let alone remember all the challenges that are offered on a weekly-monthly basis. So I came up with this plan that works for me. Every day/week I make a sketch of the challlenges on a scrap pieces of paper which I have a pile of them by my computer (as seen in the bottom right ), name of challenge and the deadline written on it. Then I got thru my photos and see what works with these challenges or make them work. Then in another notebook (top left) I write down the materials I used for that layout/card/project, and do a little sketch of my layout also when I'm planning it out. Then after I have done the challenge/layout I write it in another book (top right). I put the name of the challenge-date due-name of my layout/project. Then when I have uploaded the photos of the challenges and posted them onto my blogsite ( referring back to my notebook of supplies/materials used)- then I can go enter them into the correct blogsites/ Mr Linky's- once that is all done I highlight them in my book so I know that there are completed and entered into that weekly/monthly challenge. This sounds like alot of work- which it kinda is-but if I didn't write any of this done- it was way way to confusing to try to remember what I did  and when...
    As far as the big black notebook goes- that is where I file and keep all the sketches that I have found in magazines, online- or copied from blogspots. I really like Creative Scrappers sketches and they have a list of them that you can download and copy, which alot of blogs/web sites do. Also my Creative Memories/Paper Crafts magazines have them- so I just cut them out and keep them on file. Or sometimes I see a layout in  magazine or some other inspirational picture and I put that in my big black notebook for future reference. So this is one of my many organization tips for you this week-hope this helps you - and maybe I'll see more of your projects in the upcoming challenges that are offered out there. Happy Scrappin!!!

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