Friday, July 2

It's Frugal Friday once again. week #9

First of all I would like to wish everyone a very Happy and safe 4th of July Weekend coming up. I will be with family in Upper Michigan attending a wedding , parade and fun times to be had out at my uncle's camp (which is a tradition every 4th). So this week I will show you how I organize my cricut supplies and cartridges, which I now only have 25, but plan on expanding that as time goes on. Here in this first picture- I have my Expression and Gypsy on my counter all the time,so its easy to get to and use. And I have a few hooks on the wall to hang my many mats in different sizes.

In this picture is my cabinet which holds all my supplies and cartridges for my Cricut Expression and Gypsy. I purchased the boxes from Cricut they hold up to 8 carts and overlays and they have them available in 2 colors (blue and orange), so I use on for designs and one for the fonts.You can write on the side which ones you have in that box. I need to purchase some more of these. I then just store the empty cartridge boxes in another closet so they don't take up my craft space. In the blue and green box to the right I put all my extra blades, cords and blade housing units here.

And this final picture is of the cartridge booklets , one box for designs and the other for fonts. When I get a new cartridge I rip out the other languages and just keep the english version pages, so they are not as thick that way. And I try to keep them in alphabetical order so when I need them there are easy to find. I'm sure these plastic containers would hold about 30 booklets each, which is pretty good and I use the clear box so they are easy to see. Well I hope this is idea you might find helpful in storing your Cricut cartridges.

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