Friday, June 25

Welcome to Frugal Fridays week #8

 What is it about flowers- that we love to put them on our layouts?  Is it because they are so beautiful, cheery and so many colors to choose from, and they just make us feel good. Well here is a little tip about saving a few dollars while your doing those flowery layouts. Next time your in a store and see those bunches of flowers that you really like (and on sale is even better) pick up a few bunches. And when you get home just cut them off the wire branches, use wire cutters on the wire though, not your good scissors. Then put them in your containers or boxes (however you store them) and you will have them on hand when you need them. I put my more delicate ones in a box, or the smaller ones in individual bags, or leave them in small bunches till I need the , then I cut them apart. I find buying white flowers in an array of different petals is great -that way you can glimmer mist them to the colors you need or add glitter glue. You could even cut off some of the leaves and use them in your layouts-now how's that for a money saving idea- a whole bunch of flowers for a small price -can't beat that.

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