Friday, June 18

Welcome to Frugal Friday week#7

Hello friends.  I hope you got the chance to hit a few garage sales last week and find some treasures like I did. Now this week I 'm having a garage sale , so I've been very busy cleaning and organizing and getting rid of a few things myself.
     This week I thought I'd tell ya about a super find on double sided foam mounting tape for just $1.00----yes only $1.00 at the good ole' Dollar store. What a great saving compared to the craft store prices of $4-$7.  I really like this tape because you can cut it to any size that you need for your project. Of course at this price I picked up a few packages. I have also in the past with the other 3-D and pop dots, after using the small dots  I cut the rest of the foam into pieces and use the whole thing up and get my monies worth -you might say. So head out to your local dollar store and get some of this tape and you might find some other bargains while you're their. Happy Scrapping!

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