Friday, May 7

WELCOME to Frugal Fridays #1

I thought I'd start posting on Fridays some of my ideas and tips on saving time and money and lots of tips on organizing stuff here to share with you. I hope some of my ideas or tips help and inspire you while you are scrapping or crafting, I've been crafting since I was in High School and there have been some tuff times during my life. Which, I had to watch every penny spent and manage my time with 4 kids as a single I learned how to save money, time and I am a very organized person...which in the long run saves you both. So with that little note onto the tips of the week.
You dont' have to go out and spent all kinds of money on fancy containers to put your embellishments in when you have them right in your kitchen already. Some of the no name brand jars(Great Value-Walmart) don't have there logos on them so you can just wash them out and use Goo Gone to get the sticky residue off. They usually have colored lids which works out fine or you can spray paint them to whatever you want. I find that the wide mouth jars are better to put you silk flowers in and the smaller lids jars for your buttons. So I exchange my Got Flower jars and put my buttons in them and flowers in my own  re-used jars from the kitchen. It makes it easier to get them out and put back the flowers not needed in the wide mouth jars. And of course, I'm always looking for fancy containers at garage sales, or some pre-packaged containers that we buy some of our supplies in. Well I hope you come back next week for another tip or two at Frugal Fridays. Enjoy your week.  Debbie
And as mentioned in my Original posting about Frugal Fridays coming, I posted that you should come check it out and be one of my First 100 followers to be in a drawing for some blog candy. So go check out my next post and find out what the blog candy will be and leave me a comment.

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