Friday, May 14

Welcome to Frugal Friday #2

I'm so excited to share this organizing tip with you today,because it's one of my best investments-ideas yet. I have tried several different ways to organize my  ribbons/fibers from boxes with cut out holes-to-individually wrapping them on floss boards. This is a huge over the door shoe rack which I purchased at Bed-Bath & Beyond for $29.99 plus used a 20% off coupon, total cost $23.20. As you can see it (most of it) has 12 spindles in the front and another 12 spindles behind which can each hold up to 20 spools of ribbon. In order for some of the packaged ribbon to fit the spindle I had to cut a larger hole on each side of the spool and then just slide it onto the individual spindle. I have grouped my colors together and some are in theme groups, such as Holidays, baby, and sayings.
As far as my fibers/yarns and rick rack I have them in  seperate boxes of there own. I have taken index cards(doubled) or chipboard and wrapped the yarn and fibers around them with a notch in a corner to secure the ends. Same for the rick rack, its on the boards when purchased, but if I find some without I wrap them same as the fibers/yarns. Since I don't have as many of them I only need a small container. I like the see-thru ones for obvious reasons. If you can't see it-you forget to use it. And another tip is I have a huge glass jar for all my scrap ribbons/fibers on display with my buttons and flowers as seen in post week #1 Fugal Friday. Looking forward to next week. Debbie

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