Friday, September 3

Welcome to Frugal Fridays #18

     Wow, its September already the month of August just flew by. All the kids are back in school and fall is just around the corner, I love the fall season. I also went back to work after a nice summer vacation from my part-time job as a school bus driver. But I have not yet got back into a new routine-I'm working on that. And its that time of year to get back into scrapbooking for many, after taking time for all the family activites and vacations.
     So this Frugal Friday I'm talking about all the miscellaneous items that you could possibly use on your projects that you might not normally think about. Such as index cards-which made great journaling spots-or use the colored index cards with your punches. Doilies that you might find in the bottom of your drawers-they make great backgrounds or use as borders on layouts, you can spray them with mists, glitter or stain them, or use floral punches on them and put in layers they make great flowers for an embellishment.Another item that you have laying around that you never thought of using are COFFEE filters-yes I said filters. Use your floral punches and layer them and attach a brad in the center (makes a great embellishments) you can then spray mist them-glitter or inks work great also. Give it a try you will be surprised how nice they turn out.

My favorite thing is paint chips- for years I have always grab a few from the hardware-paint stores  for future use for something-I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. Now I use them  for my scrapbook layouts and more often for my cards. There is such a variety of colors out there- they are great for making my little embellishments from punches, flowers, borders, and tags. I like to find the big chips with no writing on them they are just right to fold  in half and make small cards out of- and if there is some writing on them I just cover them up with a strip of paper or add an embellishment to cover it. As you can see I have even found some in the shape of Mickey Mouse-this was a great find-perfect for those vacation scrapbook pages to Walt Disney World.
I just put all these items together in a shoebox and put a label on the side and store it in my cabinet, so its easy to grab when making some embellishments. And I still go over to the paint section every time and grab a few more paint chips in a variety of colors and to replace the colors I use alot when I go to the hardware stores and add to my collection- I keep it stocked as you might say. Well these little tips today can save you some money and I always enjoy making a few of my own embellishments-its creative and fun, so I hope you find some time to create and have fun too. Well I'm looking forward to this coming weekend, I have Monday off-like most of you- so enjoy this Labor Day weekend and I'll be seeing you again next week.

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