Friday, December 31

Welcome to Frugal Fridays #35

     Well, it's the last day of the year and I can't wait till 2011- hopefully you all are celebrating the New Year with friends and family- or like me with my Husband at home playing games and ordering out and just relaxing. With the new year approaching I have been thinking about some goals and resolutions I want to make for myself- (everyone does it every year) but I want to be realistic about the goals I make. Last year I set a high goal of 365 page layouts (a page a day) to accomplish and I DID IT- 413- wow!!!! yet it was alot of work and determination to get all those pages done. So I guess I can set that goal again for 2011. But, that is pretty extreme for most people, so be kind to yourself when setting goals- or you will get discouraged and not fullfill them. When setting goals (crafty ones) break it down into weekly or monthly accomplishments that would work with your everyday schedule. I only work part-time and have no children at home anymore, so I have alot of time for crafting- so my goals are to accomplish a lot in a months time.
These are my four wonderful children last year at midnight on New Year's Eve-acting silly as usual-this year they are all over the place and I won't be able to celebrate with them- so I will be a little sad-but happy that they are all healthy and doing well on their own. So I have made a resolution for myself (not a crafty one ) to  take better care of myself and get healthier for my family & me and live a happier and longer life. Which would mean I have to quit smoking, exercise more often and eat healthier foods- so that is my plan or resolution this year. So, I need to sit down and make a plan for myself to accomplish these goals also- which will be alot harder to do than the 365 pages- but I think scrapping will help me thru some of my tough days and I know it will make me happier- when I scrap some great memories of my four children/family to add to their many scrapbooks I'm currently working on.
Well I wish you all a healthy and Happy New Year and see you next week .

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