Friday, December 17

Welcome to Frugal Fridays #33

WOW-- its' been really cold outside this whole week- enough is enough- So I'm heading to Las Vegas for a week to warm up a little and to see my daughter during my winter break and celebrate Christmas a few days earlier with her and her boyfriend- might do a little gambling while I'm there too.
My tip for the week is using items for packaging or wrapping up those last minute gifts with items you might have just laying around the house. Or save these items for future packaging ideas for birthdays,other holidays or any gift giving you might have.
Tins are great for all those baking items like cookies, nuts or candies-just wrap some decorative papers around them and add whatever embellishments you have for the occasion- you could also sparay paint them if you have time. Gift bags are great for any gifts that are hard to wrap and you can do so much to decorate a simple bag with stamps, flowers, ribbons , papers, cut outs- endless possibilities in a jiffy. I save all kinds of boxes for times I need to put jewelry or small gifts in and again easy to just wrap up and put on the ribbon or bow and its ready to go. Other misc. containers to save are jars, plastic containers in weird shapes( like cd holders) and sizes like pringle containers, Nesquick, or metal tins from coffee or even the containers some of our scrapbooking supplies come in like the little paint cans- so cute to dress up. And don't forget to make that cute little tag to attach to all your wrapped and decorated packages- the ones receiving them will think WOW- how darling- this is wrapped so cute. So when in your kitchen - rethink about how you could re-use some of these packaging products and recycle them for another use. Happy Holidays- and stay warm

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