Monday, July 1

OH BABY..shower items and decor

I've been very, very  busy getting ready for the baby shower I threw for my daughter a week ago on June 22nd at my home and here are just some of the  wonderful items and decorations I have been working on for over a month.
 Above is one of the gifts I got for the parents-to-be and used it as part of the shower décor to put all the goodie bags in for all of the 45 guests attending. Simple white lunch bags with a embossed green or yellow cardstock and a onesis cut from my cricut and stamp in black ink "welcome little one" and then made a thank-you tag which we tied on with ribbon.
 This table in one of my craft rooms was filled with all the items for decorations....I made a few diaper cakes also- my first attempt-and I like how they turned out. I made a few banners to hang outside with large storks that I drew.
 Another picture of the banners and another diaper cake with I used a few cricut cuts of baby items to put on the diaper cake.
 The morning of shower getting the place decorated. I bought bibs and onesis and hand painted on each of them and hung them on the mantel and in the kitchen area. The gift bags were for the winners of the few games we played. On these I cut out a large umbrella and rain drops and found some soft green papers and put on the front of each back with the saying "From our Shower to Yours" which I did with my cricut machine and put the marker in place of the blade and let it do all the writing for me- first time I tried that also- works great!
 A few more hand painted onesis in kitchen area.
 Diaper cake in kitchen with some handmade streamers hanging from the light- yellow cardstock-some stamps and scalloped punch and these were very simple to make. Below is a close up of the shower bags and the wrapped brag books I made all 4 great grandma's, which I will be posting in the next post.
Well- the shower went great last week and to all of our surprise - my daughter went into labor while opening all the gifts at the shower- so she left in a hurry to drive 2 hours to her home town and doctor and by the next morning  they had a baby boy!!!! So this was quite a weekend for all of us. But, I'm so happy to be a grandma- to our little new arrival Barrett James- but we are calling him Bear!

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