Monday, July 22

Finished 83 pages of Alaska Trip

    Oh my!!! Yes, I just finished 83 pages or layouts for a friend and her Family on their Alaskan I will be posting quite a few on here in the next few weeks. I started doing these pages the beginning of June while on a weekend retreat (got 68 done) and then this past weekend did the rest of the them and I finished last night. 
 My friend- gave me the pictures in envelopes for each activity or day while on the cruise...then I do the layouts to my likings or ideas. She also, has a large 12 x 12 storage box filled with papers and embellishments that she collected or bought while on the trip- to go with the theme of this trip/cruise. So I do my best to work with the products or supplies given to me.
 But, sometimes it doesn't work out for me and I use other papers and ideas or embellies that I have made. Like in the above 2 page layout -I used an old map and made the sun bursts/circle embellies.
 I also have been given permission to cut the pictures to work for me and my layout ideas...which is great- otherwise its really hard or makes for a lot of pages if you have to stick with the 4 x 6 size photos.
 Here is one of the lazer cuts she had in the supply box for me to use- just had to find the right size pictures and lots and lots of fussy cutting to put all the colors of cardstock behind this lazer cut.
 And sometimes- I have to work with large photos that they had taken by the cruise or travel planners and I don't want to cut these up- so it doesn't leave a whole lot of room for much else- so I like to keep it simple as I can and like to work with the memorable that goes with the postcards, tickets, and itineraries
 And- to work with some of the wonderful lazer cuts she had for me in the Cruise supply box were wonderful and expensive- so I wanted these to be the main focal point also...simple but you sense the Alaskan them in the pages without a whole lots of embellishments going on.

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