Tuesday, July 2

Brag Books for the grandmas

A week before the baby shower I had for my daughter on June 22nd, I decided to make all the great grandma's (4) brag books...not just plain brag books. I went to Big lots and found these photo books for $2.00 and thought -these would be great as the base of my project and save me a little time from making the binder for these 4 books. Then I went to Joann Fabrics which was having the best sale 60-70% off. I found this great paper stack of 48 papers for reg-19.99 for $7.00(what a deal).  Went home and this is what I did with only spending $15.00 for all 4 of them.
I made all of them the same-I work on them like an assembly line-which saved a lot of time- which I didn't have a lot of -since I waited till the last minute to do these- but I finshed them all in 12 hours or two nights of working on them. Lots of inking and cutting of mats.

Each book had 12 pages-so that's 24 sides all together to put all kinds of pictures in . On the inside cover I have an area where they could write down all the grandkids and great grand kids names and birthdates- which in the pic above its the middle top page.

 Here is a view of the different pages which I also wrote in pencil the size of the mat cuts for them to add all there pictures
I was really happy how these turned out and I'm sure the great grandma's will truly appreciate them- in fact I'm jealous- I wish I had made one for ME...figures now I don't have a brag book and this is my first grandchild...Hmmm I think I know what my next project should be!

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