Monday, July 15

Lake Tahoe - a leisure drive

     I'm finally getting to posts these pages I did of my second visit to Lake Tahoe a few years ago, while I went out to Reno for the Women's National Bowling Tournament in the month of May. Lots of big pictures and some memorabilia that was included on these layouts, which didn't leave much room for embellishments or patterned paper.
 I like this first layout that I used part of the map of Lake Tahoe to show the route we took around the lake and a post card and a few ferry tickets that we also went on during our 3 day visit-which is where these photos were taken while on the Ferry. I used a white marker and wrote a description of what the pictures were taken of underneath them.
 More beautiful scenery pictures while we were driving around in our rental car. I believe I used Graphically speaking for the Cricut cutouts  used in this layout- and 8   4 x 6 pictures again, and in the layout below -all of Lake Tahoe- with the simple title  A leisure drive around Lake Tahoe...I really like the paper I found in my scrap bin for this one-perfect -it looks like mountains- but really diamonds.

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