Tuesday, July 16

Sometimes...Change is Good!

     I usually don't do layouts or pages of myself- so this was really stepping out of the box- as so was this hair cut/style/color-everything. I always have cut my own hair- well trimmed it- or had a friend cut it once a year- so I basically have had the same hair style since the 80's..I know that's bad-but was afraid of change.
    So, my daughter came over for the weekend to visit me and she decided- I needed a New ME, (I was also going thru a divorce at this time)-so she called my cousin who is a hairdresser at a saloon and scheduled an appointment (at my cousin house for that day). I didn't have time to even think about it...which was probably a good thing or I wouldn't have done it.
Too make a long story short- which is what style they had decided for me from long to a cut and then low lights & high lights then a trim and 3 hours later it was done. It was different that's for sure- but I liked it. And my daughter took a few pictures during the process- so I decided to scrap a page for ME. I still need to journal on the page. I used all scraps(some very old paper) and made my own punched flower embellies and a Cricut cartridge for the title and scissors and added a silver brad.
This was done two years ago- and now I have my cousin trim and do my highlights every 3-4 months- she won't let me go any longer than that. So I learned, sometimes Change is Good!

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