Wednesday, October 17

Too Sexy for your Love

This page received  lots of attention at the retreat this past weekend by all the ladies...I thought it was because of the misting/masking background I did with the honeycomb shapes...but NO it was the pictures that all the ladies were admiring --too funny!
I used my cricut to cut out previously honeycomb shapes and decided to keep the left over sheet for some future use- so this weekend I used the sheet as my mask and sprayed with coffee(tattered angel spray mist) onto the background and yellow cardstock. I then added the flower ribbon (which was leftovers from the garter belt I made) and a few other embellies like the mason jar cut out and the butterfly and piece of burlap. I simply matted the pics in white cardstock and put them in the order that they were taken to tell a story... What a story this is.. and got the title from the song that was being played at this time. I should of turned this page in for the layout contest- it would of won- probably hands done- just because of the subject matter- not the creativeness of the page..Too funny! Well I hope you enjoyed this page as much as the ladies did this daughter saw this page and she really liked it- and said her hubby looks great with this hat on.

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  1. Wow, I see things got a little steamy! :-) When I first saw the layout I thought there was a stripper at the wedding (which didn't make any sense to me). What a fun and good looking couple.