Saturday, October 13

Another Scrapcabana Retreat..YEAH!!

     Once again, I'm packing up for another retreat at the ScrapCabana in Aurora, IL this weekend and looking forward to seeing /meeting friends. I have been preparing all the pages- I plan on doing this weekend (Fri-Sun) the past few days and my goal is 50 pages this time. One thing, I have learned about going to these retreats is to have all my photos and papers figured out ahead of time. Its to hard to bring all my papers with and way to heavy to carry them a few weeks before I go to one of these retreats I layout out my photos and figure out what papers I will be using with them and jot my ideas on a notebook- to give me reference when I get there. So that way all I'm bringing ( which is still way to much) is the embellies that I could possible use and the tools needed to complete each page. Here is a photo of all my supplies that I will be bringing with me this time...can you imagine if I had to bring all the papers that I wanted to go thru for each of my pages..OMG
Well, I hope everyone finds some time this weekend to scrap a page or two....And I'll be posting alot of new layouts after this weekend and after I unpack everything!

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