Friday, October 12

The last of the Jamaican Wedding layouts....

    Finally,  I have finished the Jamaican wedding layouts..all 50 of them for this book. I also did a book for my Jamaican trip and now I'm starting the wedding /reception at the barn- to be posted in the weeks to come. This wedding sure has kept me very busy for the past year and lots of layouts to do.
 I love this page on top- I tried to make them look like postcards- so I did some rub-on sayings and just matted them in cream cardstock. I then cut out of designer paper the waves and little shells and boat. I then drew and painted in my own little foot steps in the sand and inked all the paper edges in brown.
And the very last page of this album will be this layout- since the first page is of my daughter when she had just got all dressed  (black and white photos). So I thought this would be great to save for the end. A very simple layout which I just love it. Well thanks for looking at all my layouts of my daughters wedding over the past few months- and there will be more coming - because she actually had two weddings one in Jamaica and one in the states- here in our home town a month later for all the relatives and friends to attend- spoiled brat (kids these days want it all!)  lol...well they are paying for it- so I can't complain and say to much about that.

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