Tuesday, October 16

tornado warning at retreat- wow

Well what any eventful retreat this was...I only got 37 fabulous pages done- but had the best 70 minute massage ever, my daughter stopped by Friday evening at the retreat and spent the night visiting with me and my scrapbook buddies, and we had a tornado close by so we had to go into the lobby hallway for about 1/2 hour till the sirens went exciting!! First time this has ever happened to me.
I worked on a few of the last pages for my daughter's barn wedding reception. Here is one of them- I really like how I incorporated all the elements from the decor of the barn- burlap, bees, sunflowers, and twine in all the pages somehow.

This page turned out great- The theme of the reception was "Meant to Bee" so I made a little mini banner for this page and clipped on with mini clothespins and stamped all the sunflowers and colored them in and then added brown fluff to the centers of the sunflowers and of course some stickles for some bling.
In this page I made my own burlap flowers and added some cute button brads and some twine- to keep the theme coninued in all the pages I used alot of the same papers and ink colors. Well thanks for stopping by and I will be posting all the pages that I worked on during this past weekend retreat in the next few weeks. I cant wait to go again in January.


  1. Debbie your layouts are BEAUTIFUL! I love all the personal touches. And did you say you got 37 pages done at one retreat? Wow! And a tornado warning? Thank goodness it passed and everyone was okay.

  2. Yes it was a very eventful retreat thats for sure- and as far as the 37 pages done- I usually get at least 50- but I was relaxing and talking alot at this retreat- but was satisfied with what I did accomplish.