Friday, January 28

Welcome to Frugal Fridays #39

First, of all I want to thank all of you for the wonderful Birthday wishes for my special day on Wednesday. And you still have time to enter a chance to win my Birthday Blog Candy to be given out to a lucky winner on Monday 31st.  Go to my left side bar on top and click on the picture to take you to the original post if you haven't already entered and leave a simple comment- telling me what was one of your favorite/memorable birthdays.
     Well onto the tip of the week: This one is so easy to do when your in a bind and don't have the right color of rhinestone or pearl bead that you need for that project. You just simply get out your permanent markers and pick out the color you need and color the pearl bead while it is still attached to the plastic wrap it came on. I like the Sharpie brand the best and they have such a large variety of colors to choose from - but there are other permanent markers you can use.

This could also save you a bit of money in the long run...just buy all white pearl beads -instead of buying one or two packages of each color and then color them as you need them and you will always have enough. When I was at a scrapbook expo this past summer they had a booth that had all kinds of bling and I bought one of everything- wish I knew this little trick then ,I would of bought so many white ones. They had all packages marked a $1.00-$2.00 what a deal this was. Well enjoy the rest of the week- I know I will-I'm going out to dinner tonight with husband and friends to celebrate my birthday.


  1. Great tip! I never would have thought of using a permanent marker on the pearls! Enjoy your birthday dinner!
    barb :)