Tuesday, January 18

Been busy working on a scrapbook Album

The past few days I've been so busy scrapping-for a friend who has picked me to do her daughter's skating scrapbook album of all the 2010 photo's she took. I started Friday night and by Monday- I have completed 26 pages so far- a few more to go, so haven't had a chance to really check out the lastest blogs. I have entered a few of the pages in some challenges in the past 2 days but, thought I'd post a few more layouts here for you to see.
 She wanted me to keep them simple and focus on the photo's more than all the embellishments( which is hard to do sometimes) and she likes two page layouts so here are a few of the ones I have taken pics of so far.
 Alot of the papers she had already purchased either at the  skating event or in the past whens she has been to the stores-otherwise I would not have had alot of skating papers to work with- so this was a great help.
 It takes some time to scrap in a different style or way than I'm use to- but once I got skating- simple and focus on the photo ideas  into my head- I couldn't
 This one was more my style with a few embellishments like flowers and leaves and glitter- but I had to get this important letter to fit in the 2 page layout somehow-but I got it to work after an hour of trying all different angles.
Well, I hope you enjoyed my layouts that I have been working on - instead of the weekly challenges with my photos, but its more fun to do someone else's for a change and make a little bit of money while doing it. And I have already past my goal for the month  (which is to do 31) I have done 46 so far and its only the 18th of January...WOW


  1. wow.... I know this is a lot of time, effort, and money. It's turning out beautiful! and you are doing a great job which I am sure, she will appreciate and treasure forever.

  2. You are a great friend. Your 2 page layouts are very nice.

  3. Wow Debbie you've done a great job!!! Way to go with all of those two pagers!

  4. 26 pages - that is amazing! Lovely pages that I'm sure will be treasured.