Friday, January 21

Welcome to Frugal Fridays #38

BRRR!!!Is it ever cold outside today..I think I'll just go down in my scrapbook room and do some organizing and stay warm- then I'll scrap a few pages. Since its National Scrapbook Organizing Month I thought I'd tell you how I organize all my scraps of paper. I can not throw them away and the piles tend to build up very easily. First-designate an area for your scraps whether it be a tray/compartment, box,  or large ziploc bags- I have a 8 slotted storage compartment area for my smaller scraps right at my work table, so I can add or use them at any time. I have them seperated into groups & colors- black & whites--stripes & dots--pink & purples--browns & creams--just strips of papers(narrow ends)-- reds, yellows & orange-- blues & greens-- and any floral patterns.  I take advantage of these scraps almost on every page I do, so I don't usually have to organize this area to often.
 Then I also have a 12 z 12 plastic container for the larger pieces of the decorative papers- which contains all different colors and groups. Now, this container I have to go thru every so often cause it gets so full I can't close the lid. This is when I start to make some cards and tags with the scraps- cause I just can't throw it away. But, another idea is to donate the paper or make up little goodie bags with the scraps to give to a fellow scrapbooker who love to use them. A year or so ago and friend of mine-daughter age 10 ,started scrapbooking and couldn't afford all the expenses of so many papers- so she came over and I practically gave her the whole box of my larger designer paper scraps- she was thrilled and her mother was happy to.
And I was a happy scrapper, I didn't throw it away -helped a friend out and my box was organized and ready for some new scraps. One rule I do have- that I had to make was anything smaller than a 3" x 3" had to be tossed-which is still had to do   Well stay warm and scrap a  few memories this weekend.


  1. Great tips, Debbie! I too wrestle with my scraps. Love how that skating album is coming along! They are going to love it!

  2. Way to use up those scraps! I have been doing more of this and it feels good to use some up! Thanks for sharing your organization tips!
    Barb :)

  3. I had no idea it was National Scrapbook Organizing Month! Great ideas, TFS!

  4. I am a scrap keeper also. These are great ideas for keeping it under control. I have found that everyone does it differently and you just have to find a system that works for you!