Sunday, January 23

I have finished the Skating Album

All 33 layouts/pages for my friends skating album are completed since last Friday! So, again I will post the ones I did today and then I can go work on a few challenges for the week tomarrow...after the BEARS vs Greenbay game of course. Go Chicago Bears!!!
 This page gave me some problems- because of the color red in the background so I just decided to do it on white cardstock and use a black pinstriped paper for a curtain like look and added alot of Jolee's Boutique embellishments
 Same with these photos alot of red in background which was hard to pull out the pinks and purple/blue colors in her outfit so went with white and silver ice look papers
 I had a difficult time all day with these last few pages as you can see with the reddish photos.
And the last 2 page layout is the certificate from the Illinois State Represenative for all their accomplishments last year-pretty impressive bunch of girls from the Chicagoland Ice Theatre...And I used my markers on my Cricut for the first time to do the Illinois seal on the right hand page -it turned out better being drawn than it would of if I cut it. I'll have to do more projects with this technique. Well, I have had a pretty productive scrapbooking week. I will be posting some blog candy...soon check back for that on Monday!


  1. What beautiful skating pages! When you do a whole book on just one thing like skating it's hard to come up with another way to showcase your photos. but you did an Amazing book!! Love it:)

  2. This book turned out wonderfully! It will be something that is cherished!