Friday, November 19

Welcome to Frugal Fridays week #29

Wow, time is flying by it's almost Thanksgiving where did the month of November go? This week I thought I'd talk a little about preparing one for a scrapbooking retreat or crop since I just got back from one last week. Mine was a 3 day retreat-and I accomplish alot -I did 30 layouts (12x12 pages) and only because I was very prepared.
     About a week before my retreat I started to do power layouts of the photos I wanted to work on during this time. First, I choose the photos, then picked a sketch , then choose all the papers and kinda figured out what type of embellishments I might use. I wrote this all done in a book (drew a little sketch of my page ideas) and wrote all the supplies I would need for this layout. I then paper clipped all the papers, photos and any misc. embellishments that I had (put into a plastic baggie) then I put all the power layouts in a 12 z 12 plastic box to bring with me. I did this for 34 pages-which I thought I could finish during my 48 hour retreat (you could do what ever you think you could  work on). 
     Then the day before my retreat I packed up my supplies that I had listed on each page that I would need to do that layout. And of course, all my everyday tools and misc supplies that I would need ( adhesives, tapes, glues, inks etc.) This sounds like a bit of work-but it's really not-considering I only packed what I needed and didn't have to cart so much stuff with me, especially papers which are so heavy. I did bring a box of scraps and some plain cardstock that I might need for small cuts.
     When I arrived at the retreat I was already to go with my power layouts and my little sketch book- while others were deciding what to do and see if they had the supplies that they needed- I was already way ahead of them and was having fun, relaxing and scrapping away.
In fact during the retreat they had a contest called Parade of Pages, where everyone got to vote on their favorite layout and the page that I entered in the contest called "Grandma's are Special" won 1st place- I was so excited about this and this page took me about 3 hours to do- so its was worth it. Again, I had all my papers, cuttlebug, spellbinder die-cuts, buttons, ribbons, thread, stickles, etc.- I had already precut with my Expressions the embellishments (title, birdcage-bird)  all packed- but I still had to make all the flowers- some of them hand sewn and the other misc embellishments to lay out. Many of the ladies at the retreat -just loved the idea of my power layouts and decided that is what there are going to do next time also- its so much easier.
Well ,enjoy your week and have a Great Thanksgiving Day. I and my husband (and the 2 dogs) will be taking a road trip to visit and spend 5 days with my mother in Arkansas, which will be so much fun.  I still will have a Frugal Fridays scheduled to post next friday- I love how we can set this up on here.

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