Thursday, August 4

A Lamp piercing project for my daughter....

A week ago I hosted a Lia Sophia jewelry party in my home and my daughter was my new advisor/consultant-(her first show also) So the night before, we had this brilliant idea to make some of our own display projects and boy did they ever turn out nice. We went shopping at Hobby Lobby to get most of our items- and the others I already had on hand at home in my craft room.
     I had this older crystal lamp base upstairs in the spare room- so we sprayed the shade black and I pierced  a design on eash side and the words LIA SOPHIA on the front. We trimmed the top and base of shade with ribbon and then punched several holes with my Big Bite  on the bottom of shade, so she could hang some dangling type earrings from it- how cute is this?  She is calling it the  Earring Lamp Tree.
Then I took an old picture frame that I already had and we painted it in her theme colors of black white and gold- I then attached a thick piece of foam board to the back which I covered with some quilt batting and a piece of sheer cream material which we purchased earlier that day. I then hand painted Lia Sophia all around the edge of the frame. She is going to use this as her display board for all the special pieces she wants to be sure to talk about. We then used some decorative pins to hold all the items in place along with a picture of her and her fiancee in the corner as her make a little extra money for their future wedding next year- in the Spring.
Then the last project we worked on for the total cost of only $3.00 we made two holders- one for necklaces and the other for bracelets- and I just love how they turned out. ( I might have to make me one for my bathroom) I had my husband help me with the band saw and the drilling of the holes to screw it all together, then we painted them and added some gold glitter paint and gold strand of beads and some really cute buttons on the ends (which you cannot see in picture).
Here is a few more pictures with the whole display of Lia Sophia jewelry set up in my kitchen
And the last picture is also of the chest we purchased from Hobby Lobby  for her to use as a jewelry chest of some wrapped gifts for future hostesses to pick from and the Earring  lamp tree ( which is hard to see the Lia Sophia punched out) but when you walk by it- it looks like the letters are moving-- it is so cool ! During the party that night everyone was complementing on how everything look so nice and they knew that I had alot to do with all these wonderful projects or display items that were made..I even got a few orders to do some lamps for my friends.
Well thanks for stopping by and looking at the few projects that have kept me busy the past week- I was so caught up with this hosting of a jewelry party, I didn't get much scrapping done- but I sure had a good time hanging out with my daughter and doing crafty things, and the party was a big success for I and my I can't wait till all my wonderful jewelry comes in - so I can wear them.

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