Thursday, August 18

IT"S Friday and I'm going Shopping...

Where you ask? at the SCRAPBOOK EXPO in St. Charles, Illinois. This is so exciting to me. I went there last year for the first time and I was overwhelmed with all the stuff they had there for us to look at, work with and purchase of course...and I did alot of that. Four hundred dollars later, I finally closed the place So this has been an event on my calendar for a year and the day has finally arrived.
    I have my large leopard print tote bag on wheels all ready to go, along with my camera and a large note pad for jotting down all the wonderful ideas that I will see..and my comfy sneakers & scrapbooking t-shirt all laid out. It's about an hour and half away, so I will be up early and out the door by 7 am to arrive when the doors open at 9am. I have this feeling there will be a few scrapbookers waiting in line to get and even a few of them might be people that I have met on the blogs here online...I might run into Wendy C...
     I also have some other fabulous news- I have been choosen as a Design Team member for Frosted Designs- Fabulous Fridays...I was on the team for Sketch Along Tuesdays and switched over. I'm excited to work with such a great talented group of ladies at Frosted Designs- so I'm looking forward to creating other projects - than just layouts for the challenges coming up in the next six months. Looking forward to seeing your entries and I love your comments and I enjoy leaving comments for you- also. Well, wish me luck--hope I find a few items to buy at the EXPO!

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  1. Have fun shopping Debbie!!!! Looking forward to seeing your work on the Fabulous Friday team!!!