Friday, June 22

Climbing the Dunn's River Falls

OMG!!! This was a blast- I would do this again..we (23 of the guests from the wedding party) went on an excursion to climb the Dunn's River Falls on the day before the wedding- and did we all ever have a great time. This was the most fun I have had in a long time. And the best part was all my kids and even the ex-husband (father of my children) did this all together and we got along great and had so many laughs- like old times. During this climb- which we actually climbed right up the falls- they took pictures and a video of our whole group doing this- so at the end we bought one video and made several copies for everyone to have.
Since we had a reception here at home just 3 weeks ago and we al gathered at my home the day after - we all sat awatched the video for the first time- it was like we climbed the falls all over again- so many great memories were made that say also... I once again- have a journal tag ,which I have journaled on but after I took a picture of the page.  I just used Life's a Beach cartridge and cut out many different sizes of palm leaves and inked them in 3 colors of green and scattered them on the page to look like a forest- Thanks for looking at my post of my Jamaica layouts.

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