Wednesday, April 18

Wedding Bells are ringing in Jamaica..

     My daughter is getting married to her best friend  in Jamaica and the whole family is attending this celebration of Love for the entire week. So, while I'm soaking up some rays I thought I would finally post the projects that I have been working on- but couldn't post them on here until we all were on our way to Ocho Rios, Jamaica-so it would be a surprise!

   The big project that I have been working on are the mini scrapbooks for all the guests (all 48 people) when they arrive at the Sandals Grand Riveria destination. I saw the idea of using paper bags at Archivers awhile back and decided that is what I was gonna do. So each book ( I made 28 of them) has 4 bags folded in half so a total of 12 pages- and I used the open sections (4 of them) for individual tags to be inserted or for memorabilia & photos, etc to be kept.  So here we go with the pics-( heavy on pics)

 First pages are of the bridal couple and  photo which I took of them last summer (one of my favorites) I used lots of different pink patterned papers and torn them on an angle and used my computer to print them out on the hearts which I then just made copies of and cut and inked them with a twine heart tied on. The wedding intinerary is on a tag in the sleeve -(later shown with a pic)
These two pages titled Tiki Tropics are for the guests to write down there favorite activities while enjoying their vacation/wedding ceremony also and a place to insert a photo if they choose too. I used my Gypsy--alot for these books and the cartridge Life's a Beach I used several times- plus remember I had to made 28 cuts of everything to put all these books together.  I choose green paper and again tore the edges made my own journal spot with a stamp, stamped a tall glass of ice tea and a cocktail umbrella and hand colored them in and added stickles to the lemons. I purchased lots of tropical brads over the summer and added a pineapple to the middle of the right page.
 The Lazy Relax on the Beach page is for a photo insert again and I stamped a saying there if they choose not to fill it with photo  Saying is " Memories are the most beautiful pictures our minds can paint and nothing can ever erase them" I used a border punch for the white and blue papers to represent water and topped them both with stickles and the cute lounge chair and every book has a different  embellishment in the corner top left and all books have a palm tree and some kind of beach embellishment some beach balls, sea shells, scuba gear or surf board, etc. So this makes everyones book unique also.

 The Adventure page is for all to write about our trip to Dunne's River Falls, which we are all doing on Saturday as a huge group- this shall be so much fun. This page took me the longest time to complete- I had to cut (cricut) so many leaves- like over 300 of them in a variety of greens and I took a marker to each one . All books have the same embellies but have different  patterned backgrounds in blues and greens. I just love the bright pink flamingo with stickles and the lizard. I  took little note book tablet and ripped out the paper and attached another brad ( bird) and inked the edges and stamped on top  " Just a little note" and the saying " Simple moments make great memories" on the other page - again they can place a photo here if need be.
 My favorite page- well their all my favorites- I"ll call this one Best of .My Thank-you banner with personalized suitcases (on tags) and the cutest passport books that I made that open up and can be filled in with each ones personal itinerary. I hand stamped the background paper with misc travel stamps and then distressed  with browns & blue inks. The passport book I used a dark blue heavy cardstock embossed with lines and distressed with white ink and handwrote passport -added a special star stamp in the middle- how cute is this? For the top and bottom I reused/recycled packing paper and crimped it and added as my borders for dimension- like it needed anymore!
 And the last-back page a thank-you poem and a token (bracelet) one for everyone to wear during their stay in Jamaica (this book is mine- so it only has one braclet attached -since I'm single now) "A Bracelet Wish- Make a wish as you tie this bracelet on  when it wears off  your wish shall come true  Thank You for sharing our special day as we "tie the knot too"  Wayne & Linda April 22nd 2012. My daughter made the bracelet for this page- she saw the idea on Etsy and it was perfect for the last page. I just love it!!! Added a few punched flowers with stickles and hand drew a knot underneath bracelet ( so something was there when they take the bracelet off). I then tied all the pages together with twine using my Big Bite to punch through all the layers and its ready to go.
 Here is a pic of one of the inserts- this one is the Schedule of Wedding Events to take place on Saturday and Sunday- so when the guests arrive they dont have to ask the bride and groom, and they can schedule their own personal time around these events.On the flip side is a Wedding Lantern Wish story and when we will be doing this celebration - which everyone will be receiving 2 of these lanterns in their welcome basket along with this book and a few other goodies.
 Second tag insert is  Jamaican Specials- we are in an all-inclusive resort and what could be better than a menu of Jamaican Rum specials...nice and handy for that refreshing drink of your likings- both sides have a list of 20 different tropical named drinks. I think I will carry this tag with me all the time- keep it handy  lol. I also cut out a memories journal tag to look like a camera for extra space for those memories to be written- inked and handscribble on the corners.
 And of course that favorite embellishment the passport book that opens up and the tag insert which is filled out on both sides with all the wedding guests attending the celebration and how the are known to the bride and groom. So everyone has a list of who's there and what rooms they are in..which is shaped like a briefcase or luggage and I also personalized the handle -so when it is  inserted the name can be seen on the side- how clever of me to do this so I dont have to open each one up to see who's book is who's.....
     Well, here are all 28 books completed and ready to be packed...I spent many many hours/days on these and I so enjoyed making them- just knowing how personal this little keepsake will be for everyone attending my oldest daughte'rs wedding and they( guests) kinda know I will be making something for this special occasion- but they wont expect this- I think they will all Love it, much better than a wine glass or something with their names & date engraved on it!
    Well thanks for taking the time to look at my Mini scrapbooks  and I will be back in a week with lots of wonderful/beautiful pictures to scrap and a major sunburn I'm sure .

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  1. wow.... what a beautiful project! Everyone will love it and treasure it forever. Make sure you share your pictures when you get back!!!! Many blessings to the newlyweds.