Saturday, May 4

My new recycled- Mail Center

Ok- our probably thinking what is this made from???  Well I'm known not to throw anything away- you never know what it could be used or recycled for someday. Well, that's exactly what I did with this project. The wire rack in the background is from an old china cabinet (window inserts) that I took out and just put away for a rainy day- which it has been doing a lot here in the Midwest. I also just happened to have these two wire baskets in my craft storage area and thought this would be great to make some type of organizer for mail or with that thought- I played around with these wire items and came up with this mail center for my laundry-kitchen hallway area
 Then after I finished hanging this up I needed something to decorate it up a again in my storage I found this metal plaque which I purchased a few years ago at a scrapbook expo for  a dollar or so and painted it up in my favorite colors (greens) and attached a butterfly and some rhinestone medallion and hung it at the top of my mail center.

Then it still needed something in the middle??? So went on another search in my home and found these old picture frames made in Italy that I had received from my grandmother years and years ago- didn't like the ugly flower picture in them-yet couldn't open the backs up to take them out- So I just  covered them up with the paper and my wording  with some punched butterflies attached and hung them on the wire rack with s hooks.

Now when I get the mail and come in through the garage/laundry room instead of just putting it on the table - I can organize my mail into this mail center ..I love it and love to be organized also.

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