Thursday, May 16

Bowling in Reno for Nationals

Well its that time of year again!!! When I go to Nationals for the USBC Women's Bowling Tournament and its in Reno, Nevada- again this year. So, for the past 10 years its a tradition for me to make these small cards for all my bowling ladies that go, which is usually about 80 of us...but this year its only 40- so it didn't take me as long to make this year which is good...I have been so busy with other projects.
The card is about 4 1/2 by 2 3/4 inches and on the inside I have hand written some info that the girls can fill out as they bowl there nine games and then the bottom inside half is where we can put out wallet size team picture- to keep from year to year. The girls just love it and kinda expect me to keep making them, so that's what I did on Mother's Day this year- last minute. Because we leave today to go to Reno and bowl. I can't wait we have such a good time every year.
 I don't remember which cartridge I used for the lettering, but I like it and of course I used 50 states for the Nevada cut, just stamped the bowling pins and then did some doodling and added the year.

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