Tuesday, November 20

The Doors in Marquette Michigan

I just loved how I did this page- it brings back so many great memories for me. Back in 007 and 2008 when I visited Marquette Michigan for the forth of July celebrations- they had this event down on lake Superior that anyone could do- it was to paint a door and then have it on display for the moth of July at Marquette Harbor. So of course being creative as I am I did it both years. The first door was the Blue dream door- on one side I painted several words Dream- reach for the stars- Believe- Achieve and Succeed and on the other side were the same words but in Finnish (which are the bottom two pictures)
   Then, the next year they had a theme you were to follow and it had to relate to Grandma's...this was just so perfect for our family - since my grandmother had just passed away earlier that year- so that's what I dedicated my door too. I painted it blue (finnish colors) and painted her name in white and added a large photo of her in her younger days. Then, added wooden stars that I painted Yellow with all the grandchildren and great grandchildren names on each of them total I believe at the time was like 42- On the other side of the door I had made up signs or written saying that my grandmother use to say to all of us and scattered them all over with items that brought her joy- like daises, flowers, misc pictures of the family...very memorable it was and I was glad to have done it and have it on display in Marquette Michigan for over a month that year.  Others in the picture were family that helped me get this project done in the short time we had- they were running around getting me supplies and also helping me with the door- it was a family affair. So this was a simple layout- but it is full of wonderful and great memories- I overlook the simplicity of this layout and still love it.

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