Saturday, August 25

Melting Crayons- not just for kids!

This was alot of fun and different- put you could do this technique to almost anything including a layout or card. So I thought I would tell you how I did this and give you a few tips on this project of mine.
     Melting Crayons- something we probably all did at one time or another when we were younger- I know I did and  enjoyed it then, also.
     I first went to my supply cabinet and pulled out the crayon box- which you could also go get these at any store for a really cheap price (and now that schol supplies are on sale- you should stock up). Then I choose the colors which I wanted to melt on my project- which happens to be greens. I then used masking tape/painter's tape green and taped then together in the order I wanted them to be.
I already prepainted my cardoard letters in a lime green ahead of time. and got my heat gun out and a old cricut cutting sheet as my counter cover for spills- and I was ready to turn that heat gun on and melt away.
As, I was holding the crayons- I realized I forgot to tell you to put something like a popsicle stick or emory board taped behind the crayons for support. I started to melt the crayons from the top of the letters- but then thought I would lay the letters down and melt everywhere I liked the look better. I also did the back and sides of the 3-D letters first. It doesn't take very long at all for the wax to dry- but, then again if you dont like the look -you just reheat that area and/or redrip the crayons..very easy and so much fun to be creative... and here is my finished project which I'm thinking about putting in my newly painted kitchen- which of course is done in a greens. Just in case you were wondering the D B  are my initials. Well thanks for stopping by and I hope you try to melt some crayons on some project- lets be a kid again- its fun.

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  1. this looks like sooo much fun! I have to try this. Thanks for sharing!!!!!