Wednesday, May 11

Going on a bowling trip ....

Well, this morning I'm heading off to Syracuse, New York for 4 days to compete in the Women's Nationals Bowling Tournament- 2011. There is a group of 70 of us ladies from my area that go every year, where ever it is being held and have a grand ole' time and we all hope to bowl our best this weekend. And if not, well we sure do have alot of laughs and great memories for years to come.

  For the past 8 years that I have gone- I started to make these little cards to write and keep track of our individual scores in and to keep the picture that the USBC gives us with our team photo inside and now everyone looks forward to this little momentum that I've been making and this year is no different. I kinda ran out of time so I qucikly did this design for our event in Syracuse with the USBC logo-  the yellow circle and the state of New York (Cricut cartridge-50 states), and did alot of other stamping in black ink. I make 80 of them every year and give some to my mom in Arkansas who goes also with a smaller group of women in June- so I have an asssembly line going in my craftroom when I get working on these.
    Well have a great weekend everyone and I'll be back Monday to see all the wonderful layouts and projects that I'm going to miss. And hopefully , with great news that I bowled better than average and maybe even win some money!!!

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