Wednesday, February 2

Chicagoland Blizzard here in northern IL

Wow- this is what I woke up to this morning 24" or more of snow-I guess will be busy shoveling for awhile- then I can go play around in my scrapbook room since we won't be going anywhere anytime soon. There is a ban on all driving here- emergency vehicles and plows only on the streets in Lake County, Illinois. And of course there was no school today so I didn't have to drive my school bus and they have already called us and told us there will be no school tomarrow either.. . YEAH... more time to play in my room. Oh and to Kim who won my birthday blog candy-it is packaged and ready to be sent, but might be a few days before I can get it in the mail- or even leave my house. Well going to go take some more pictures of this beautiful snow and shovel some more. My great husband out shoveling early this morning- I went out and took pictures and did a little bit of shoveling too and the dogs are just loving it.
This is a snow drift about 6 feet high on the side of your house-luckily we don't have to shovel this. We live on a culdesac which is completely filled with about 3 feet a snow and who knows when the plows will get to us. What a day to remember the Blizzard of 2011.


  1. Hey Deb! I didn't realize you lived so close to me! I woke up to a 6 foot snowdrift in front of my house. I couldn't even open the door....or get near my car. I can't wait to post pictures. I had to call the boss and tell him I couldn't make it in...turns out he was snowed in

  2. Oh you poor dear!!!! Stay warm!!