Friday, December 30

Some cute little gift bags and tags

I made about 70 of these cute little gift bags with tags for  my friends at work, my bowling buddies and my relatives- each bunch of people got different goodies in their bags. Some, I made my Christmas tidbits (seasoned oyster crackers) some received a variety of chocolates, and the other relatives got gummy bears- which everyone seemed to enjoyed what ever they received. So of course, I was making these too --at the last minute- so I wanted something fairly simple to put together 70 of them in an evening or so.
 I already had the little plastic bags on hand- so that was great- didn't need to go out and buy them. Then I remembered that I had bought a few bags full of cardstock scraps from the Scrapbook Expo for $2.00 and Yes!-- I found this shiny white cardstock strips in the package- so I used it all up. I knew I would put it to good use sooner or later.
 I found a simple tree cut from Christmas Cheer Cricut cartridge and again went thru my larger scraps of green paper and cut out 70 trees and  also cut from Tags, bags, boxes & more cartridge 70 tags out of white cardstock.While that was all cutting went to my stash of red papers and found 5 sheets of the same floral leaf-berry paper and cut them into 3 x 3 squares and mounted them on my white cardstock -which I earlier used my scor-pal to make all the fold lines
 Then when everything was finally cut I inked all the edges of the trees with brown and the tags I inked in multi colores of pink, red, blue and greens. next step-- was too get my stamps out and stamp all the tags with my saying "Joyful Greetings" and on the back I stamped a swirl design and " handmade for you" then took a red marker and wrote my name. Then with scrappers floss I curled and tied it on the tags and used pop dots to attach them to the card- for a little more dimension  and then I quit for the evening after about 3 hours.
The next day I filled all the little plastic bags with the different goodies and stapled them to the back side-inside the tag holder...and put them into the boxes for each group of people I was handing them out too. Some of them I wrote their names on ( on the tree) so I knew who was getting what. I had fun making  these little goodie bags this year- I always come up with a new project every year for my friends and family - so they kinda expect something from me and it is always something handmade with LOVE.
   Note* the gummy bears I had were soaking in vodka for 4 days prior to putting them in their bags- (keep refrigerated)- thats why I also had names on the tags, so I knew who was getting these with alcohol (which the young/old  folks really liked them)  lol
 Thanks for stopping by and checking out my little project last week--Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a very safe and Happy New Year.....

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  1. How nice is this! I bet they loved this little gift.
    May you and your family have a very happy and blessed new year!