Friday, March 4

Welcome to Frugal Fridays #44

Well the weather is still a bit cold here- but Spring will be here soon-hopefully- it's been a long cold winter. So I have been making alot of my own embellishments lately and wanted to share them with you this week. DO you know how to CROCHET? Well if you do - this week's tidbit is right up your alley. If not- maybe you know someone who does or you can learn how- cause it is very easy.
 All you need is a crochet hook (I used size E) and some cotton crochet thread (single or double ply)- so go through your yarns and thread and grab a few colors. I have been making all kinds of small to medium doiley shaped pieces to be used as flowers on my layouts or you can use on any kind of project. As you can see in this picture all the different colors and simple patterns that I used.  For those who know the craft  here is the simple pattern I did for the basic little doiley which make the cutest looking flower shape.  ( chain 4-slip stitch in first chain, chain 2 then either double or single crochet 12- 14 -16 or 18(makes the size a bit larger the more you do. Then slip stitch into the first crochet chain of that row. chain 4 slip stitch into the second chain and continue on chain 4 slip stitch in 2nd chain. to end and slip stitch together. It only takes about 4 minutes and you have it completed ! So while I'm sitting around watching tv or just keeping busy with some craft, I can whip up several of these in a hour.
 So I thought why not make some ribbon like crocheted pieces also- these are very simple too- but take a bit longer, but really look great when they are done. Again, I used several different colors, but I tend to like the cream or white because you can always spray mist them a different color if need be to match your layout colors. I used simple chain and single crochet patterns for these. I have found that chaining 70 is about the width for a 12 x 12 layout (size E hook), but some I made shorter- because you can't really cut these to easily without fraying. You'll be seeing a few of my future layouts using both the flower like doileys and the ribbon/lace pieces. In fact next Tuesday March 8th at Frosted Designs- Sketch Along Tuesdays I  used some red crochet lace in my DT layout- so be sure to check out the sketch challenge and wonderful sponsor for the month of March.
 Here is a picture of some ways to embellish the small flower like crochet pieces- I just got out some buttons, ribbon, brads, tulle, threads and other silk flowers and just started playing around and did a few to have ready.

click for enlargement
Then lastly- how was I gonna organize all of these? Well I just love the plastic 12 x 12 organizers that you can find in most of your hobby/craft stores ($8.00- $12.00- use those coupons) and I am storing all the crochet items that I make right in here. So if you already know how to crochet- that is great -because it costs hardly anything to make all these wonderful embellishments, which are a popular item lately to add to your projects. Well have fun crocheting and I hope this was a helpful tid bit this week. 
And if you do some project with your handmade crocheted item I would love to see it - so drop me a line and your blog to let me know- so I can check it out.


  1. What a fantastic idea! You would pay big money for these at a scrapbook store. My crochet skills are not that good, but it would be worth learning to make these! Love how you combined them with your flowers!

  2. Debbie these are beautiful!! I used to crochet but I haven't in years... Made a lot of baby afghans with the yarns, may have to try the treads.. TFS!!! Hugs!!

  3. wow..... I wish I knew hot to crochet!!!!!!! My cousin in Venezuela makes me flowers but I never thought of borders... what a great idea!!!!! I want to learn so bad... thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. Debbie, I love your crochet flowers and crochet lace! I learned how to crochet last year! I made a few baby blankets for my new grand baby! I haven't done it since though. I didn't know the flowers and lace were crochet. Now I will have to learn how to do them too! Thanks so much for sharing:)

  5. After seeing this I want to learn how to crochet! lol I loved the flowers in the first picture and then even more when I saw them embellished!

  6. wow wow wow...this is fantastic...what a treasure to add these to your already pricless projects...i luv everything here but am very partial to those lovely lace ribbons....oh, they are the bomb!!! you are amazing!

  7. Wow Debbie everything is lovely!!! I've always wanted to learn how to crochet!!! The doilies are beautiful and I just love your trims!!!