Friday, June 7

ScrapCabana Retreat - Here I come!

      It's that time again to pack it up and go on a weekend scrapbooking retreat- with my friends!!!! I am getting so good at organizing and packing for these weekends -I have 83 pages laid out to work on this time, which will be amazing if I get them all done- my record to beat is 62- so I will be very busy this next three days. I purchased my ( Crafty Gizmo's) Thirty-one bag the end of January- so I'm excited about using it to carry all my Cricut Expression & Gypsy and all supplies in it for the 1st time. I also went to a garage sale this morning and found these 2 collapsible storage racks for $1.00 each- great find and will be put to good use at my table- saving me more space to work on layouts.
     My 2 rolling carts with 6  12 x 12 containers (=12) are filled with all the embellishments and supplies needed to work on these 83 layouts, my black tote is filled with all the bigger tools like Cuttlebug, big bite, trimmers, punches and tools, and the other container is all my Cuttlebug folders-plus my handy cart which is a life saver to haul all this stuff into the retreat- only ONE trip in which makes it nice. Well- I'm off to have some fun with the girls at the Scrap Cabana Retreat in Aurora, Il this weekend- Michelle puts on a great time at a very reasonable price too- I linked it for more info of these retreats available for 10 months out of the year.. This is my 5th time going to this retreat and I love it!!!!

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