Thursday, February 2

Debbie's Christmas Tree- guessing game

 I just had to do a layout of all my trees that I had put up back in 2007 and all the fun we had with a game that I had played with all 22 of my guests(family) on Christmas Day. I just love to decorate for the Christmas season- but that year I went overboard and put of 5 treees and I counted all the ornaments on each tree as I put them on. Main tree with all handmade ornaments, SANTA tree with all santas, and 3 trees together with a variety of small and handmade ornaments. Then on Christmas Day, I had everyone guess how many on each tree and then a grand total of all ornaments ( not lights) and put them on the peices of paper that I had already designed and made copies of. There were 4 winners- who ever came the closet on their guess for each of the trees and the grand total winner - which my Uncle guessed right on the nose....Each recieved Gift cards from Starbucks- just something little for fun. Now the family wants to do this game each
I used ornament paper from Paper Heart( how appropriate) and plain cs for all the matting- tore the edges and inked with moss green , and three tags to identify each tree...simply layout-- but I love and will cherish the memories from this page.

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