Tuesday, March 18

& BABY Makes 3

Wow---I haven't posted on here since Last Year in December. I have been so so busy with Life and grandbaby- but wouldn't change it for the world. So, I was going thru all the pages that I have done since last year in October thru February and thought I would start posting them on my blog. So why not start from where I left off and that would be the scrapping of my first grandchild!

This is my (oldest child) Daughter and her husband 20 minutes after the delivery of my first grandson!!! Barrett. What a proud moment this was for me. This is a 2-page layout of the first photos taken of the new family.
The next two page layout is Barrett's first pictures while getting all cleaned up and under the lights for awhile before we could hold him.

This little guy came about 1 month early. I had her baby shower on June 22nd and during the shower in the afternoon- my daughter didn't feel good and went to the doctors office to just make sure everything was ok and he said- Your gonna have a baby in the next 12 hours and she did (due date was July 17th).

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