Sunday, September 22

Alaskan Cruise- final layouts

I have finally finished all 83 of the Alaskan Cruise vacation pages for a friend...WOW !!! the finale ones are of the family all dressed up for the cruise dinners and so they are pretty simple pages because of the wonderful- and large photos I was working with. These first post are a 2 page layout of the parents and one son/girlfriend and I tried to just pull out the colors and use this new glitter paper in gold -that cuts really well with my Expressions

 This 2-page layout above was very difficult for me and took me some time to figure out what I was doing- but I had a idea to bring out the etched artwork in the dining room into this layout. If you look closer at the glasswork on staircase- you can see what I was trying to create. So that kinda explains the background on this layout of the formal dining room -postcards and the lovely photo of a grandma and granddaughter

 The last few pages here are some more of the Cruise line photos they had taken and I used papers  she had bought from the cruise that were especially made for this vacation of theirs. I tried to also keep them very simple and did some fussing cutting of the papers with the bears and placed them on the pages.
   Well, I really enjoyed creating all these layouts for my friend and look forward to her next vacation.

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